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The Hot Corner Story

In baseball, the third base position is also called "The Hot Corner." It's a difficult position that requires great reflexes and split-second decision making. On top of that, third basemen are generally expected to have strong arms, be power hitters, and also have the flexibility to play other positions. No pressure, right?

We consider great digital marketers to be a lot like great third basemen — multidimensional, highly skilled, with lightning-fast reflexes. Great digital marketers are both creative and analytical, and can quickly turn data into actionable insights. We are willing and able to adapt to new technologies, new platforms, and other changes in our accounts. Plus, we’re expected to consistently deliver great results, help out wherever we’re needed … and occasionally hit some home runs.

Founded by Ross Tudor and Stephen Drisaldi, Hot Corner Digital exists to provide a new alternative for small-to-medium-sized businesses: The quality and service of a larger agency, at a price that fits into any budget. We’re small, nimble, and do whatever it takes to help our customers grow their businesses.

With 10+ years of combined experience in the Pay Per Click (PPC) world, Ross and Stephen thrive on advising, strategizing, and executing digital marketing plans… often while wearing Hawaiian shirts, and always while listening to Kenny Loggins on Spotify.

Stephen started his career in sales & marketing for a window & door company. After realizing that his favorite part of their marketing mix was the digital advertising side, he made a move to specialize and in the 5 years since he hasn't looked back. 

When he's not launching new campaigns, adjusting bids and writing ads, Stephen's focus is on making Hot Corner run like Ricky Henderson into 2nd base (that's fast)



Working With Us Is Different

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We're local in two cities! Ross heads up our Richmond, VA location while Stephen holds down the fort in Charleston, SC. 

Want to get in touch? Drop your info in the form below and we'll reach out ASAP. Or, feel free to give us a call anytime.


How do you do it?


How do you do it?

We enjoy what we do & who we work with. You'll get personal attention and custom strategies.

Personalized & Hands-on

Our focus is what's best for your business. Nothing else. If something doesn't work, we'll tell you that. 

Lean & Honest

10+ Years Experience

With 10+ years of experience, we've got the experience & skills to do the job right.

We provide geographic & category exclusivity. That means we won't work with your competition.

Geographic & Category Exclusivity

Always Professional. Never Corporate.

We take our work seriously, not ourselves. You're going to love working with us.

We're competitive by nature & love when our team wins. When you work with us, we're part of your team.

We Really Love Winning
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